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i just want a cute guy to come along, approach me and be like “yo, lets stay up talking until 4am, getting to know each other and shit” … 


I have been saying I’ll do this for years. Finally, I get it done.

This weird and wonderful place is literally right behind the apartment block I live in. It takes about a minute to get to the first picture shown, and then you follow it up and find the road, which winds its way through the rock face with just enough room for single-file traffic. I went up there to take these pictures early in the morning, seems I’d been up all night and it seemed like a better idea to go early in the morning than in the evening, for reasons which shall be explained.

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No wait are people honestly mad over “fuck you if you skinny” like lmao gROW UP



The sass is strong in Disney.

The truly magical moments of Disney.